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Linqing City Heng Yuan Bearing Co., Ltd., a manufacturing and trading enterprise with registered capital of 3 million yuan, covers a floor area of 34,500 square meters and employs more than 120 employees including 28 senior technicians. Our main production equipment, as the most advanced automatic digital program control equipment in China, is characterized by high efficiency, high precision and low loss.

I Service Coverage:

1 Cooperating with global bearing wholesalers to help them in arranging goods source, and meeting the requirements of customers on quality, price, delivery date, etc.

2 Providing perfect service for domestic bearing exporters, and supplying good source with satisfying price, speed and ensured quality so as to meet the requirements of the customers on the export order.

3 Providing matched bearings for domestic machinery manufacturers.

4 Providing services and bearings with high cost performance for domestic factories using bearings; customizing, designing and manufacturing bearings with high technological content for the factories so as to reduce the product cost of the enterprise and improve the profit of the enterprise.

II. Factors guaranteeing the provision of top-quality services

1. A clear strategy and a scientific organizational management system

2. The company, which is close to the largest bearing market and distributing center in China, has a complete series of products, a wide range and multiple quality levels to meet the global buyers of various levels. Through the market survey, the company has found out the best part and end product suppliers with the most competitive price at different quality levels.

3. Advanced production and test equipment and high-quality employees

4. Closed and advanced assembly workshops with constant temperature. Strict detection and rinsing, and scientific technology and process ensure qualified products.

5.Wide and bright cargo arrangement workshops realize the functions of detection, rinsing, rust prevention, packaging and delivery. Strict management brings about the perfect integration of quality, speed and cost, which creates the unique core competitiveness of goods source arrangement.

III. Main sales range and customers

Asia: Singapore, New Zealand, Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia

Middle East: Iran, Turkey, Syria

Europe: Italy, Germany, Russia

America: US, Canada, Brazil

Africa: South Africa, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Egypt

IV. International certification passed

1. ISO9001


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